Oakland Samba Revue is the San Francisco Bay Area’s premiere banda de gafieira. Featuring a full horn section with tightly crafted original arrangements featuring 3 vocalists, O.S.R. draws on the sounds of samba de gafieira; an eclectic form of traditional samba from Brazil. O.S.R.’s unique brand of samba de gafieira includes heavy does of jazz, funk, forró, bolero and more.

O.S.R. is a product of Grupo Falso Baiano co-founder Brian Moran – “Morangão” (guitar/cavaquinho/vocals and arrangements), backed by a rotating cast of some of the Bay Area’s best jazz and latin jazz musicians including vocalists/percussionists Catia Machado Lund and Katiana Vilá, Zack Pitt-Smith and Marçelo Meira (reeds), Erik Jekabson, Henry Hung and Ethan Pires (trumpets), Jeff Cressman and Remee Ashley (trombones), Brendan Neutra (bass), Fabio Reis and Dillon Vado (drums).