Debuting summer of 2019, Oakland Samba Revue is the newest contribution to the San Francisco Bay Area’s rich legacy of Brazilian music. Based on the ‘little big band’ sounds of samba de gafieira, O.S.R. is a product of Grupo Falso Baiano co-founder Brian Moran – “Morangão”, backed by a rotating cast of some of the Bay Area’s best jazz and latin jazz musicians including vocalists Catia Machado Lund and Katiana Vilá, Zack Pitt-Smith (reeds), Erik Jekabson, Henry Hung and Ethan Pires (trumpets), Jeff Cressman and Remee Ashley (trombone), Brendan Neutra and Aaron Germain (bass), David Flores and Zach Mondlick (drums). Rooted in acoustic samba, O.S.R. incorporates funk, jazz, forro, bolero and more into its smart and fun arrangements featuring a 6 to 8 piece band. It’s music to dance to, music to listen to.